Brexit & The Corridors of Power



Perhaps the most galling spectacle in the run-up to the EU referendum was the sight of numerous Conservative MPs and government ministers who had built their careers on a foundation of avowed euroscepticism (and often only won selection as a candidate after professing dislike of the Brussels to their local constituency associations) meekly fall in line with prime minister David Cameron’s campaign to remain in the EU.

The most stunning case was that of former Conservative leader William Hague, whose tenure as party leader saw the Tories take a significantly more eurosceptic tack at a time when Tony Blair’s Labour government were gung-ho for deeper integration. A respected thinker and eloquent speaker, Hague would have been a real asset to the broader Leave campaign had he maintained the courage of his convictions when it counted. But of course he did the precise opposite, penning a lengthy Op-Ed…

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Bishop Gracida: Prepare to Live like Catholics under the English Persecution

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

I think this is a most insightful commentary, and one that I agree with.  The persecution of Catholics in Tudor/Jacobian England in the 16th and 17th centuries gives us a very clear picture of what it is like to suffer through a Church  that allows itself to be whored out to the opinions, desires, and whims of the powers that be.  This is precisely what many feel has happened to our beautiful Holy Mother Church in recent decades (though they would probably have the decency and good sense not to use such an awful term, but I feel that is the one that is the most descriptive), and we can expect the faithful remnant – a term I was surprised to see Bishop Gracida, whom I had failed to read for many months, using over and over again on his blog – to be treated as badly or worse by…

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The Russell Square “Reformation”



Forgive my transgression but I am about to commit a terrible sin and speak badly of Maajid Nawaz. His counter extremism organisation Quilliam, based in Russell Square, is a difficult group to figure out. On the one hand Nawaz speaks a lot of sense. He draws attention to grooming gangs, has advised Muslim women against wearing the veil, called out left-wing violence, and talks directly about terrorism and radicalisation.

But then…

There was the dishonest Guardian hit piece on Tommy Robinson authored by a Quilliam staff member. And there are inane, regressive-left statements from Quilliam’s executive director, Adam Deen.

There are deeper, less immediately tangible problems too. Nawaz is one of the only vocal critics of Islam…

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‘OUR’ NHS? – my new article on NHS privatisation

Source: ‘OUR’ NHS? – my new article on NHS privatisation

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Hogwash: Cameron, Ashcroft, and the steaming pile of Oakeshott

Source: Hogwash: Cameron, Ashcroft, and the steaming pile of Oakeshott

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